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Tax Relief

Do you have back tax debt that feels overwhelming? You may qualify for help from the IRS. Tax relief can reduce the amount you owe.

Tax Resolution

We offer a wide variety of tax resolution services for business and individuals, including negotiations and tax filings.


Bookkeeping is tedious. Leave the organization of daily financial transactions to us. It’s a critical part of a business’s operations.

Tax Problems & Resolutions

  • Unfiled Tax Returns

    Are there years in which you didn’t file tax returns? The IRS may file a return on your behalf without the deductions you deserve. Instead, file the returns as soon as possible to avoid penalties, even if you can’t pay.

  • Back Payroll Tax

    Employers are responsible for withholding certain taxes from their employees’ paychecks and sending them to the IRS. If this isn’t done on time, the IRS may implement a significant penalty on the business.

  • IRS Tax Lien

    The IRS can make a legal claim on your personal and real estate property, as well as financial accounts if you owe back taxes. They remove the lien after you pay the balance owed. In some cases, the tax lien may be removed earlier.

  • Tax Audits

    Sometimes the IRS audits tax returns to verify that the information on the returns is accurate and complete. They also ensure that the return complies with all tax laws. We offer full-service audit representation.

  • Wage Garnishment

    Owing back taxes puts you at risk for a wage garnishment. The IRS sends a letter to your employer commanding them to take some of your paycheck. We’ll work with the IRS to remove the garnishment.

  • Offer in Compromise (OIC)

    An offer in compromise (OIC) allows you to settle with the IRS for less than what you owe. They only approve OICs in extenuating circumstances. We’ll review your case to see if this is an option for you.

  • Tax Debt Forgiveness

    The IRS offers many programs for debt relief. One program is for debt forgiveness. It’s the Offer in Compromise. It’s designed for people who cannot afford to pay their taxes within a reasonable period of time.

  • Currently Not Collectible

    Currently not collectible is a temporary status. The IRS may agree to apply it if you can’t make payments on your back taxes while covering your basic expenses. The debt still accrues penalties, but the IRS won’t try to collect.

  • Negotiating with the IRS

    From negotiating payments on installment plans to approval for tax relief programs, we speak with the IRS every day. We’ll work with them on your behalf to get approval for the relief program that’s best for you.

  • Fresh Start Program

    The Fresh Start Program is a collection of programs designed to offer tax relief for people who owe back taxes. We’ll review your case and determine the program that offers you the most benefit.

What people who have worked with us have to say

Advanced Tax Team made it easy by filing back tax returns and working with the IRS on my behalf. They settled a payment plan with the IRS that I can actually afford. They’re my tax firm for life.

I called Advanced Tax Team when I received an IRS notice. They prepared all my back tax returns. I owed a lot, but they worked with the IRS and significantly lowered my debt. Thank you, Advanced Tax Team!

I’m so glad I found Advanced Tax Team. I owed back taxes and the IRS started taking them from my paycheck. Advanced Tax Team got them to stop the garnishment immediately, then negotiated with the IRS to reduce what I owed.

My business got behind on payroll taxes. The IRS could’ve taken everything I worked my whole life for. I called Advance Tax Team. They worked with the IRS to keep it open and running. I’m so grateful!

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