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Getting into debt with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is not on anyone’s bucket list. But life throws us curveballs, and sometimes something must give. For example, a family that loses its source of income may have to make some tough decisions. The Fresh Start Program is an alternative to yielding to the IRS’s callous collection strategies.

Fresh Start Program

Unlike other collection agencies, the IRS has the legal authority to force you to pay your back taxes. Some of their options include garnishing your paycheck and seizing the cash in your bank accounts. They can also take your home, car, boat, and other things. They use these ruthless collection methods freely and frequently.

The Offer in Compromise is a popular tax relief program among many taxpayers. Many years ago, tax firms ran advertisements touting the ability to settle debts for “pennies on the dollar.” Although that is a possibility, it’s more the exception than it is the rule.

The IRS does not grant an Offer in Compromise unless the taxpayer is in a dire situation. In other words, they believe the taxpayer won’t be able to pay the IRS debt within their lifetime. However, in 2011, the IRS made a change to the Offer in Compromise called the Fresh Start Program.

The Fresh Start Program expands the availability of tax relief with options that include a payment agreement, penalty abatement, and others. That’s not to say that tax relief is available for everyone. But there’s more of a chance that you qualify for it since the IRS initiated the Fresh Start Program.

To apply for an Offer in Compromise, the IRS requires you to include the first proposed payment of the offer along with a $205 application fee. Then, an IRS agent examines the taxpayer’s financial situation and application. Should they reject the application, your first proposed payment is non-refundable. Instead, they apply it to your past due amount.

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Our tax professionals are well-versed in the nuances of the Offer in Compromise. Our experience with the IRS allows us to accurately anticipate a taxpayer’s Offer in Compromise application results. We invite you to contact us for a free consultation. We’ll review your financial condition and discuss your eligibility.

Should you not qualify for the Offer in Compromise, we’ll discuss what programs may be right for you.  After discussing your options, you’re free to go without any obligation to us. We’ll include the details we discussed in a written contract if you decide to hire our firm. After you sign it, we’ll begin work on your case immediately.

As an accredited business with an A rating at the Better Business Bureau, we pride ourselves on exceeding our client’s expectations. Call us today at 877.959.0975 for your free consultation and sleep better tonight.


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